Madison Fandel, ND

Naturopathic Doctor & Regenerative Medicine Specialist located in Pacifica, CA

If you’re concerned about signs of aging or the overall appearance and texture of your skin, Madison Fandel, ND, offers innovative aesthetics services to rejuvenate your appearance. At her practice in Pacifica, California, Dr. Fandel provides platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, microneedling, and other aesthetic treatments to help you look amazing and feel confident. Call Dr. Fandel or schedule a consultation online today to learn about your options.

Aesthetics Q & A

What are the available aesthetic treatments?

Dr. Fandel offers several aesthetic treatments to boost cellular regeneration in your skin and enhance your appearance, including intense pulsed light (IPL), Pro-Plasma, microneedling, and PRP injections. Each of these treatments stimulates fresh collagen and elastin production in your skin and, depending on the treatment, may reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, loose skin, age spots, spider veins, sun damge, and enhance your appearance, including

IPL, for example, delivers multiple wavelengths of light energy into your skin. The light breaks up excess pigmentation and stimulates new cell growth. Microneedling and PRP injections use tiny needles to stimulate your body’s healing response in your skin. PRP also floods your skin with the proteins and growth factors your body needs to repair and create new skin cells.

What should I expect during aesthetics treatment?

Dr. Fandel begins with a careful examination of your skin. She asks about your current skin care routine and about any other aesthetic treatments you’ve used in the past. She discusses your aesthetic options, and together, you choose your treatment.

All treatments begin with a careful cleansing of your skin. If you have IPL treatments, you and Dr. Fandel both wear protective glasses while she uses a hand-held device to direct the light energy into your skin.

If you have microneedling, PRP injections, or Pro-Plasma, Dr. Fandel uses equipment like the FDA-approved SkinPen® by Bellus Medical to treat your skin. During a PRP treatment, Dr. Fandel creates your PRP serum by drawing a sample of your blood and using the Harvest SmartPrep® Multicellular Processing System to separate the different parts of your blood.

After aesthetics treatment, Dr. Fandel recommends avoiding direct sunlight for 7-14 days. You should also avoid vigorous physical activity for at least 24 hours. Every patient responds to these treatments differently, but most report seeing a difference in their skin after six weeks. Dr. Fandel might recommend a series of treatments to deliver the best results.

How can I protect my skin from premature aging?

Wearing sunscreen and staying out of direct sunlight is critical to protecting your skin. The UV rays in sunlight accelerate cellular breakdown, which leads to wrinkles, loose skin, and discoloration. Dr. Fandel can also recommend skin care products that are free from toxic chemicals that can protect your skin and help keep it looking fresh and youthful.

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